Tolaso Network was founded in 2016 by Tolaso. It specializes in LaTeX typesetting documents for multi purposes from personal notes all the way to thesis. Our partners and we , using all the experience we have all these years in LaTeX typesetting , produce high quality documents which are clear , easy reading and portable. We use the latest LaTeX distributions as well as the latest versions of the available packages.

Tolaso Network has its own publications. The JoM Journal , once free , now it is licensed under a small amount of fee. You may find the first 3 issues of the journal here . All other issues are available though this website.

Furthermore Tolaso Network has issued a free edition of a Mathematical Booklet in Analysis. This booklet is no longer updated since it has reached its milestone. It contains 300 unsolved problems which were collected throughout the years by many resources around the internet. These may include different fora , journals , etc. Feel free to download it from this link here.

Finally , another booklet that is as free as a beer is the Ahmed – Coxeter Integrals. This booklet contains some basic results on the Ahmed and Coxeter Integrals as well as some examples that demonstrate how they are applied. Feel free to download it from this link here.

Tolaso Network delivers private LaTeX classes. Using the experience we have gained in LaTeX all these years , we feel quite comfortable in our ability to teach it. A beginner can easily master all basic stuff of LaTeX within two months following our guidelines. The classes only aim at Greek citizens. If you are interested here are our prices.

Classes are typically delivered at the weekends during morning hours either by Zoom or by Skype. However, the timetable is totally flexible and can be shaped totally by the trainee. If you are interested feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get back to you in a short amount of time.